ACT Football Masters

Blues V Legends (Prancing boys, Cheer girls, Fashonista) 17 August

Posted Tue Aug 04, 2009 - 03:40 PM

MOre pointless banter....
OK, capital football have not agreed to following modified rules for our game.
Both sides start with 11 players with all standard rules of the game, and the additional rules below.
If one side scores, that team removes the player that scored - and he is not replaced. (minimum 7 players).
If the opposition scores, an additional player is allowed to enter the field. (max 11 players).
SHould any team reach a 5 goal lead, their keeper is sidelined for 10 minutes, without replacement.
Should any team reach a 6 goal lead, all remaining players, substitutes and supporters must don blindfolds immediately.
All players must weigh more than 95 KG, or wear weight belts to increase their weight to 95KG.
Bald and balding players allowed, wigs, hair pieces or bandanna's are not permitted - celebrate your head skin.
Players who are fit and uninjured will be issued an injury by the linesman before they enter the pitch.
The player must then play with that injury in an 'authentic manner'. Any under-acting will result in substitutiion.
Over acting will result in free kicks to press your diss-advantage.
Further confusing miss-communication and pointless bable may follow this this miss-information communication,
so stay tuned.

Don Dom

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